Annual Test Fees

Dear Brother,

We are writing to remind you that test fees are now due.

Grand lodge charges us annually per active member and this is normally covered by the test fees each member pays to remain in good standing and these monies are collected at meetings.

Given that grand lodge still want test fees the general committee are writing to you to ask if you will pay your test fees to help off-set the money Grand Lodge take.

You are asked to send £40 by cheque or by bank transfer.

This will keep you in good standing for the current year.

 Cheques should be made payable to Lodge St. Servanus and sent to the R.W.M.

Gordon W. Guthrie

Grove Cottage
45 Burnbrae
FK10 3NE

Bank transfers should be made to (details available from – )

Bank of Scotland

Sort code    xx-xx-xx

Acc. No. Xxxxxxxx

Be assured that any monies you give will be gratefully received and faithfully applied.

The committee thanks you in anticipation of your financial help and prays that you and your families keep safe and strong as we make our way through these unprecedented times.

Yours faithfully and fraternally,

Gordon W. Guthrie R.W.M.

I have removed bank details from text as don’t want this “open” to everyone – people can contact me if they want details

Thanks in advance